Are you someone who:

  • Treats every patient with a high level of attention and expertise.

  • Is passionate about helping people hear better.
  • Is always assessing processes to see how they can be made better.
  • Owns it, accepts responsibility, credits others for successes and accepts responsibility for failures.

If so, we’re searching for our next talented audiologist and would love to talk.


The Company: Advanced Hearing Care

We are a local, independent, community-oriented family practice serving the Bartlesville Oklahoma area since 2006.  We have earned a reputation for providing compassionate care, world-class expertise, superior service and exceptional value to people with hearing loss in our community.  We’re proud to have received the Best of Bartlesville award for 9 years. We strive to develop life-long relationships with all of our patients. Additionally, we love to share and discuss difficult cases as we strive to help our patients.

The majority of our referrals are from other local physicians and from our own patients telling their family and friends about us.  We will work with patients to diagnose and find solutions for their hearing and tinnitus needs, using state-of-the-art assessment equipment and the most advanced hearing aids on the market.


Position Summary

We are currently seeking a full-time audiologist who is passionate about private practice.  The successful candidate will be responsible for performing comprehensive diagnostic testing, hearing aid evaluation, selection, and fitting, patient counseling, and follow-up care.  We require a solid commitment to compassionate patient care, working in a positive team environment, enthusiasm for continuing education and professional development, and a desire for progressively increasing management responsibilities. The right candidate is naturally self-driven and is excited for potential growth and expansion to build your career.  We work together as a team to create an environment that makes people comfortable, for both patients and employees!


Job Functions

Administers Diagnostic Tests

  • Performs full audiological diagnostic evaluations, primarily for the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • Performs Immittance testing including tympanometry and acoustic reflex threshold testing.
  • Interprets test results and provides reporting to physicians and other medical professionals.

Hearing Evaluation and Fitting/Treatment

  • Counsels’ patients regarding test results and gains a complete understanding of the patient’s hearing needs and lifestyle to develop a customized hearing care plan.
  • Performs selection, programming, and verification of the appropriate hearing aid technology to best meet the patient’s individual needs.
  • Provides ongoing management including follow-up and education, hearing aid checks and adjustments, repairs, and cleanings as necessary to maintain ongoing patient relationships.
  • Perform Cochlear Implant and Bone Conduction Implant evaluations, activations, and programming (training will be available).


Other responsibilities:

  • May be required to attend and participate in professional conferences, generally 2 to 3 times per year, such as Audigy Summit, ADA/AAA conferences, and other conferences.  Potentially attend 2-week Audigy Provider Training within first year.
  • Maintains accurate patient records by recording and updating test results, evaluations, treatment programs and outcomes.
  • Creates and submits written reports to referring physicians and other service providers.
  • Assists in maintaining inventory of clinical supplies, batteries, ALD’s, demo hearing aids, and other supplies.
  • Maintains complete patient confidentiality at all times, in full compliance with all HIPAA regulations.
  • Maintains legal and accreditation compliance by adhering to all federal, state, and local regulations and professional standards.
  • Maintains the highest ethical standards of audiology practice at all times.
  • Assists with other office administrative tasks as required.

Assists in Professional and Community Outreach

In addition to professional responsibilities, the Audiologist will be part of a team engaging in marketing outreach and growing positive relationships with colleagues, vendors, fellow healthcare practitioners, and community organizations.  This includes informational presentations regarding hearing loss, treatment options, and technology to local community groups, facilities, and medical professionals.



  • AuD or master’s degree in Audiology, current state licensure for Audiology and hearing aid dispensing (or ability to obtain one by time of hire).
  • Excellent interpersonal skills that allow effective working relationships with a diverse patient, colleague, physician, and vendor population.
  • Interest in the treatment of individuals experiencing tinnitus, hyperacusis, and misophonia is a plus.
  • Strong keyboard, computer, Audiology diagnostic, and hearing aid software and equipment experience.
  • Must be able to organize time and prioritize numerous duties within strict deadlines.
  • Requires the ability to deal with numerous interruptions.
  • Must engage with patients in a caring and respectful manner.

Occasional travel to attend training conferences may be required (airline travel, hotel stays), generally 2 – 3 days which may include a weekend, once or twice a year.

This isn’t just a job: it’s a commitment to a team, serving a real purpose, helping people stay connected with their loved ones and enjoy life.

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: $65,000.00 – $85,000.00 per year

If you are looking for a professional, challenging, stimulating environment and meet the above criteria, please apply now!


Benefits Included with Full-Time Employment

  • Healthcare Insurance Stipend
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid Time Off/ Flexibility
  • Specialized training/professional development, coaching, and mentorship
  • CEUs, conferences, dues
  • Competitive pay- incentive/bonus plan

Please apply to the following email: